Microsoft Teams

If you’ve just downloaded our connector for Microsoft Teams, you’ll also need a subscription to Skurio’s Digital Risk Protection or Cyber Threat Intelligence platform before you can bring any data in. Skurio subscriptions are only available to business users, sorry!

What does it do?

The app brings real-time alerts from the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform directly into Microsoft Teams, letting you collaborate with other members of security team on the incident, and co-ordinate your response.

When monitoring your corporate email domains, the Skurio Microsoft Teams app uses Azure Active Directory to filter out results for invalid or inactive mailboxes, letting you prioritise breaches which include your active users.

With a single click, you can even send a templated email notification to all affected users in the domain, informing them of the breach, and educating them to be aware of the risks from phishing and account takeover.

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The Skurio Teams app is published by Skurio Limited. For support, please send an email to [email protected]